How It's Used

We're always amazed to hear of the many additional uses people have found for our sleeve pillow. The product was principally designed as a comfort aid for adults while sleeping or resting.  Some additional sleep or rest applications include:

  As a wrist or arm pillow, popular with college students or office workers taking a quick nap on a desk between classes or during a break

     As a lover's pillow, worn over an outstretched arm supporting your companion's head.

     As an ankle pillow, worn on the lower leg when the upper leg is crossed over on top - like when watching TV.

As a knee pillow, when laying on your side for lower back relief.

As a small neck pillow, coiled to the desired diameter and placed under the nape of the neck (cervical spine) - excellent for travel and camping.

As a sunbathing aid, worn high on an arm and under your head, allowing for a comfortable side tanning orientation.

works on upper and lower arms, wrists, ankles and knees