What People Say

We receive a lot of positive feedback about our product; we’ve inserted [sleeve pillow] where it was omitted to protect our SlumberSleeve® brand - here are a few quotes from people and their home towns.


·         “I spent $4,000 on a memory foam mattress and $20 on a SlumberSleeve™ [sleeve pillow]; if I had to give up one, it wouldn’t be the SlumberSleeve® " James Bradford, Scottsdale, AZ


·         “I travel extensively; your SlumberSleeve®, sleeve pillow is the first thing that goes in my suitcase.” Jack Savage, Russell, KY


·         “Now, with your SlumberSleeve® [sleeve pillow], I can sleep on my side and no longer snore.  I thank you! My wife thanks you even more!” Dick Loomis, Montclair, NJ


·         “I’ve tried a dozen contour pillows, which were supposed to let me sleep on my side.  Your SlumberSleeve® [sleeve pillow] is the only one that lets me put my arm anywhere I want it, it solves my arm falling asleep problem” Tom Richter, Lincoln, NB


·         "When I first received my SlumberSleeve® sleeve pillow,  I was a bit apprehensive about wearing it on my arm, but I found it so comfortable, I didn't know it was there - except for the fact my arm did not fall asleep. I then wore it feeding my granddaughter her bottle, as my arm tends to fall asleep - we were both happy with the outcome."  Pam Venné, Dallas, TX


·         "I' always get such positive feedback when I recommend your SlumberSleeve® [sleeve pillow] to my patients and friends."  Tamra Gordon, CRNP, San Diego, CA

After you've had a chance to make you own custom adjustments to your SlumberSleeve® sleeve pillow and have tried out various uses, we'd love to hear your comments.  Please email us at

works on upper and lower arms, wrists, ankles and knees