How It Fits

Adjusting our sleeve pillow is accomplished in three simple steps.

Step One

Leave the white knitted liner attached to the plastic core. Holding under your arm, size to fit as shown, and then expand one or two additional notches.  (Note the number of the selected notch.)

Remove from your arm and slide the “tongue” or “tab” out through the selected notch. Wrap the excess plastic around the outside, sliding the white inner liner over the loose end like a belt loop.

Step Two

Insert fingers from both hands in the small grasping hole on the outside of the stretchable, knitted liner. Clamping the plastic together with your thumbs, pull hard on the stretchable liner until it completely covers the plastic core

Adjust the knitted liner so that the stretched fabric is even (making a doughnut) and center the grasping hole on the outside of the core, pulling on the edges to make the opening as small as possible.

Step Three

Wrap the gray tension cushion around the outside of the lined core, pulling as tight as desired, and fasten it to itself with the hook/loop pad facing down

Adjustment Preference

After you first use our sleeve pillow, you will notice it takes on an oval or egg shape. Experiment by adjusting the plastic core to different notches. This controls the “cushion effect.”

·         Too tight an adjustment will feel hard against your head when lying on the sleeve pillow.

·         Too loose an adjustment may allow your head to compress it too much and prevent normal circulation to your arm.


You may also fine tune the “cushion effect” adjustment by varying how tight the outer tension wrap is coiled (tighter – more firm, looser – more flexible).


Most people prefer a pillow between their head and the sleeve pillow. Others use it as their only pillow.


Try different adjustments to the sleeve pillow for a few nights until the desired effect is achieved.

works on upper and lower arms, wrists, ankles and knees