How It Works

The major drawback to cervical, contour, orthopedic or therapeutic pillows is that they force you to sleep in a fixed position. But, in fact, people change sleep positions from 3 to 36 times every night; shouldn’t you have a pillow that changes with you? Our, Patented, SlumberSleeve® sleeve pillow enhances the circulation in your arms or legs so they don’t “fall asleep" or become numb or achy. This allows you to move naturally; whether you sleep on your side, front, back, or all three. It works by itself, or in harmony with your favorite pillow.

It’s fully adjustable to fit most everyone. You can even adjust firmness and flexibility. It’s also ideal for travelers, snugglers, sunbathers or students catching a quick “desk nap” between classes.

works on upper and lower arms, wrists, ankles and knees